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TrustCommunity 💙  -  Claim your Nectar tokens from November 11

If you’re one of the (just over) 400 people who took part in our TrustCommunity experiment at Devcon, from today — November 11th — you’ll finally be able to claim your reward!

What do I need to claim my tokens?

When you first registered to play the game you should have been asked to export a backup of your identity. You should have also been given the option to export backup again at the end (along with information about your connections).

You’ll need to import one of these backups to re-instate your identity (either one will do).

Once you have your backup ready, open an incognito window on your device and visit

You’ll be prompted to import your backup.

How long do I have to claim my reward?

You have until January 12th to claim your reward.

What do I do if I’ve lost my identity/backup?

If you’ve misplaced your backup for any reason, and you haven’t cleared your local storage since Devcon, you can reinstate it by going to and clicking on the Profile tab. There you’ll be prompted to export a backup again.

If you’ve cleared your local storage since Devcon, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do.

How does it work exactly?

When you visit, you’ll be prompted to claim your reward.

When you click on the NEC Tokens Airdrop button, you’ll be directed to Retrieve a claim.

This claim will highlight how well you performed and confirm that your identity was indeed part of the network.

After clicking on the Retrieve a Claim button, you’ll be directed to input the Ethereum address you would like to send the reward to.

Once you’ve inputted the address, complete the airdrop by clicking on Generate ZKP.

You should see a screen confirming that your airdrop was successful.

It really is as simple as that!

What’s next

The Nectar (NEC) token is the governance and loyalty token for DeversiFi and Nectar.Community.

This means that holders will become defacto members of the necDAO —  the largest DAO in the world as of 2019 with over 17,000 ETH pledged.

Through NecDAO — which will launch later this year on DAOstack — Nectar hodlers will be able to capitalise on 20% fee discounts when trading on and participate in voting initiatives such as community-driven listing of new tokens on DeversiFi, amongst other things.

To quote directly from the whitepaper:

The Nectar Token (NEC) was designed in 2017 and launched at the start of 2018 with the aim of incentivising liquidity on markets traded on the Ethfinex digitalasset exchange platform. Ethfinex’s initial vision was to decentralise its platform along two streams in parallel: Technology and Governance. The Nectar Token was the instrument for incentivising and enabling this transitional evolution.

If you’re curious to learn more about Nectar we recommend reading Deversifi’s blog post about it and visiting the website devoted to it.


We hope the above information is clear enough. If you have any questions before November 11th, or encounter any problems on the day with the airdrop, have a look at our FAQ page. If you still can’t find the answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us on either telegram (@trust_comm) or twitter.

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